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New Blog!

August 14, 2012

Hey everyone!

This is my old blog.  I have a new blog with my most recent sessions.

The link is:

Look forward to seeing you there!



Precious little boy!

January 6, 2012

I genuinely love working with newborns.
This little boy was seriously perfect!  He had the most perfect skin/complexion and slept great!
I was thankful he even gave me a smile towards the end of the session!

If you know someone who is expecting, please send them my way!
I have a referral program so you can benefit, too 🙂

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The “Lively” wedding!

January 5, 2012

In October, I received a call from a family friend saying she was getting married and needed a photographer just for the wedding ceremony.
I was free the day of the wedding so I told her I could do it.
The wedding was taking place at a beautiful Episcopalian church.
I had to meet with the church secretary before the wedding day and get a tour of the place and learn the rules and regulations.

So I go to the church a week before the wedding.
The rules are:  Don’t be seen or heard.
I fill out some paperwork and then the tour starts.
No lie
, the lady took me to a hallway in the church, pulled back a little window cover, and showed me a tiny hole was cut from a cinder block my lens would fit in.
It was hilarious.  I wanted to laugh and ask why but I didn’t want to be rude.
She made sure I knew I had to bring a step stool the day of the wedding.
I am vertically challenged and if I forgot, I wouldn’t have been able to get any pictures!
So, I made sure I didn’t forget that!!!

Anyway, the day of the wedding comes and I am so excited!!
I was a little nervous about the angle I would get from the hole, but I knew everything would work out fine.
I was able to get a few shots of the flower girls and groom before the ceremony started, but I couldn’t get any of the bride (strict rules).

The flower girls were absolutely beautiful!

The groom as handsome as ever!

A little note about this groom…I might butcher the story a little, but I will get the main point straight 🙂
After he proposed and she said yes, he asked for the ring back.  He said he needed to add three diamonds to it for her three children because he was marrying them too.
Okay, lets all say, “AWWW!”
How sweet is that?

Despite such an awkward place to stand, it was actually a great spot to capture the wedding!
I mean, look at this church.  Isn’t it stunning?

I loved this moment when the groom sees his mom.  I think was just priceless!

And here comes the bride!  She radiated the whole night.

The were so cute!  They kept giggling at each other during the ceremony.

They left in a Bentley and lived happily ever after!

Lively family, thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day.
I had a great time watching your love story unfold.


Hulett Family Sneak Peek!

December 12, 2011

Here is the sneak peek of the beautiful Hulett family!

Their son has the most gorgeous eyes on a baby boy I think I have ever seen!  So unique and so big!  He will wow the girls one day with them 🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek!  If you think they look familiar, it is because I did their maternity session  🙂


Tuesday’s tips and tricks!

December 6, 2011

Okay, so this is my first tutorial on editing and I didn’t do the font a good size, so I am going to re-type it here so you can see it better!

Before I get into editing tips for this shot, I want to discuss the importance of SAFETY when doing newborn sessions.

Many new photographer’s don’t know that some poses are called composite shots (two pictures morphed into one) and/or that a mom’s hand/finger was photoshopped out!  If you see a baby hanging from something and it looks as if they are floating/really hanging, most likely (and hopefully) it was done similar to what I did with this shot.  Also, if you see a baby resting it’s head in it’s hands, that is a composite shot and the mom/dad/assistant holds the head and then the wrists and then the photographer uses magic in photoshop to make it look real 🙂

A little note to you momma’s:

Mom’s, when you are searching for a newborn photographer, make sure you find a reputable one.  Not one who has had no experience/training.  Your baby’s not meant to be a guinea pig for a new photographer to play with.  So, look at their portfolio and see how many babies they have photographed.  Ask them if they have been trained or how long they have been doing newborns!  This will help you in deciding if you want that person to take your baby’s pictures.  I know we all start somewhere and new photographers who want to work with newborns need experience, but I suggest you shadow someone and learn first!  Also, mom’s, during the session if you feel that the photographer is not putting your child’s safety first, SPEAK UP!  Some people, myself included, don’t like saying things that make other’s uncomfortable, but when your baby’s life is at stake, it’s not something to be shy about.  Tell that photographer you aren’t comfortable and he/she should back off from that pose.

Okay, back to the tips for photographers 🙂
So, what have I been saying? Safety is key!! 😉  NEVER hang a baby from anything without a mom/assistant near by AND without something soft underneath in case the worst case scenario happens.

I should’ve taken a picture with my wide angle lens so you could see the whole situation, but the mom was standing directly to the left of the baby, holding the sling.  The bean bag is directly under the baby by about 4-5 inches.  I would say these two things are a MUST if trying to do this shot.

So first, this picture above is pretty  much SOOC.  I adjusted the red in the baby/picture and ran portraiture (I created an action for it).

Then I got the magic wand tool and selected the background. I wanted the whole background selected, so I held down the SHIFT key (you’ll see a plus sign by the curser) and clicked on the area’s I wanted selected.  You can also delete with the option key (I think it’s the option key) if you selected an area you didn’t need.

So, in the above picture you might be able to see that the background is selected (I cleaned it up a little more around the fingers).  I selected the eye dropper tool and picked a light color in the blanket behind the baby.

Then, I used the paint bucket and brush to fill it all in.

Make sure you ZOOM in to see all the details.  Sometimes the magic wand makes hard ridges and you need to clean it up.  I made a background copy and masked out the bad areas.  I also used the clone tool to fill in spaces.

So, now the whole background is one color!

I finished with dodging the edges (making them darker) and burning the middle area slightly (lightening).

And voila!

I hope you enjoyed my first “Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks!”

I love teaching and helping others!  If you have any other questions let me know!


Elizabeth, beautiful inside AND out!

December 5, 2011

A special girl with an amazing smile and a heart for the Lord.

I loved hanging out in her small town and getting to know her!


You were an awesome model miss Elizabeth!  I loved getting to know you more!  Stay beautiful!!

It’s a girl!! {Newborn session sneak peek}

November 7, 2011

I love newborn sessions!
I have had plenty of little boys lately, but not any girls!
I was thrilled when this beauty was born because I could finally use all my fun newborn girl stuff 🙂
She was only FOUR days old!!!
Her session was amazing and I can’t wait for you to see all her gorgeousness!!!